Hi! :)
We're very proud to present and being part of this cool project.
Músicalivro is a illustrated lyrics book for children inspired by musics from different bands from Rio Grande do Sul.
The musicians recorded a brand new version from their old musics in a childrem mood and I was invited to illustrate two books. And this is the first one.
In this book I tried to bring a colored pencil texture like the childrem usually do in their illustrations and bring some diversity on colors and situations.
As the original version is a rock 'n' roll music. I was very guided by this mood. So I created a bunch of situations where the kids are using all their imagination to have fun.

Published in 2018 by Edibook.
Illustrated by Marcello Akira
Designed by Raone Araújo

Song by Acústicos e Valvulados & Tati Portella
Original version

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